Langkau ke kandungan utama


aku mohon hati 
hanya kali ini
kenanglah sepuas nyali
buat kau yang dirindui

aku pesan pada hati
bila suria muncul diri
hapuskan semua memori
lupakan kau yang menyendiri

aku hairan sendiri
kamu seolah tahu rasa hati
bila kau kucuba lupai
kau hadir munncul diri

andai kamu pasti 
aku kekal disini
kamu salah erti
aku bukan patung tanpa hati

bila lelah menanti
bila kasih dibiar sepi
buka langkah kaki 
aku pasti cabut lari


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A Patient's Guide to Collateral Ligament Injuries Introduction The collateral ligaments are commonly injured parts of the knee. An injury to these ligaments usually involves a significant force, such as a fall while skiing or a direct impact to the side of the leg. This guide will help you understand where the collateral ligaments are locatedhow a collateral ligament injury causes problemshow doctors treat the condition Anatomy Where are the collateral ligaments, and what do they do? Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect the ends of bones together. There are two collateral ligaments, one on either side of the knee, that limit side to side motion of the knee. The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is found on the side of the knee closest to the other knee. The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) is found on the opposite side of the knee. Together, the collateral ligaments also work with the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) to prevent excessive motion of the tibia posteriorly…


Dear Mira, you are the only one who knows how truly crazy I am. You know me out and in. We have met when I am still an innocent girl (you have to admit it ) before I experienced that so called "culture shock" during our matriculation life. You know how drastically I changed. You know how crazy I can be literally. You know how havoc I can be. You know how moody I can be. But you never afraid of it. Instead, you help me to control my craziness and my mood swing. And thanks to you, I always save myself from a big humiliation. I don't know whether you still remember those moments. The recent one, surely the call that you receive on 4 am. When you strongly reject my crazy intention to make my confession. Fuhh, I really owed you the big one. 

Dear Mira, if one day, you and I never spoke to each other anymore, may ALLAH forbid it, I have to ask a lawyer to interdict you because you know lots of my secrets. Hehehehehehe. Just kidding. A million memories, thousand jokes (especia…


1.INTRODUCTION  Figure 1 : Optical Single Cylinder Engine Internal combustion (IC) performance is one of the important aspects in automotive industry. The higher the IC performance, the powerful the engine car to be, therefore cause the higher request between the lovers of high performance cars. However, engineers had faced lots of problem in the way to determine the exact and more accurate performance of IC engine. These problems happen due to lots of factor such as the material that IC engine made of from. The IC engine is made of from all-metal materials and this prevent engineers to gain a detailed insight of the mixing, combustion and emissions formation processes occurred in the cylinder of IC engine. Therefore, the Optical Engine has been introduced as the improvement to the original system. High-speed imaging combined with the optical access provided by a optical engine offer the ability to directly image and compare ignition and combustion phenomena of internal combustion engin…


im officially 22 years old now i seriouslt did not know what to feel its not like during my ten years ago where im feeling excited to celebrate my birthday nowafay im not felt it anymore its felt like a normal day where i need to do my chores and also need to solve my life's problem
well then if i think back that I already 22 it make me realize there are lots of things that I need to do and need to accomplish if i make my mother as my benchmarking im still far away to get at a same level like her at least my mother when she's 22 she had found her other half means she already married with my father
meanwhile, im still nowhere im still finding the purpose of my life still try to rule out myself and im still far away from finding the other half of me
22 its like a magic number where ur think that u are big enough to make a big decision for ur life but u know deep in ur heart u still confused with ur choice
22  make me think harder than before lots of my friend already have their…


dulu2 memang nak sangat beli sportcar tapi bila fikir segala aspek rasa tidaklah unless kalau duit berlebihan sangat dan kalau ada yg baik hati nak bagi saya terima dengan senang hati
sebab sudah ada cik betty so for starting, tak adalah nak fikir sangat  untuk beli kereta bila dah start kerja but then, akan start jugak simpan duit nak beli kereta sendiri and my dram car for now TOYOTA FJ CRUISER
first tima nampak kereta nie masa nak pergi airport sekat PENANG first time nampak memang falling in love at first sight tak tahu apa orang lain cakap but personally, aku rasa bentuk dia nak menyerupai HUMMER so,nak beli hummer memang jauh lagilah dapat FJ CRUISER nie  pun boleh kira dah besar rahmat
dia ada banyak colour antara yg ada hitam putih biru and kuning tap entah kenapa pilihan maybe antara hitam dan kuning dan aku google image tadi aku jumpa yg update version tuk warna kuning memnag stylo habis  hehehehehehehe tak percaya cuba nengok kat bawah nie

cuba search kai internet tapi aku…