Langkau ke kandungan utama


Aku punya teman
Jejaka hebat dari Kelantan
Keletah lucu manis senyuman

Jejaka hebat dari Kelantan
Bukan sekadar manis senyuman
Sopan bertingkah rupanya tampan

Bukan sekadar manis senyuman
Pandai pula melayan teman
Memori bersama diingat sepanjang zaman

Pandai sungguh melayan teman
Bicara manis jadi idaman

Itulah dia, jejaka hebat dari Kelantan 

nukilan ermahida

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A Patient's Guide to Collateral Ligament Injuries Introduction The collateral ligaments are commonly injured parts of the knee. An injury to these ligaments usually involves a significant force, such as a fall while skiing or a direct impact to the side of the leg. This guide will help you understand where the collateral ligaments are locatedhow a collateral ligament injury causes problemshow doctors treat the condition Anatomy Where are the collateral ligaments, and what do they do? Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect the ends of bones together. There are two collateral ligaments, one on either side of the knee, that limit side to side motion of the knee. The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is found on the side of the knee closest to the other knee. The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) is found on the opposite side of the knee. Together, the collateral ligaments also work with the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) to prevent excessive motion of the tibia posteriorly…


1.INTRODUCTION  Figure 1 : Optical Single Cylinder Engine Internal combustion (IC) performance is one of the important aspects in automotive industry. The higher the IC performance, the powerful the engine car to be, therefore cause the higher request between the lovers of high performance cars. However, engineers had faced lots of problem in the way to determine the exact and more accurate performance of IC engine. These problems happen due to lots of factor such as the material that IC engine made of from. The IC engine is made of from all-metal materials and this prevent engineers to gain a detailed insight of the mixing, combustion and emissions formation processes occurred in the cylinder of IC engine. Therefore, the Optical Engine has been introduced as the improvement to the original system. High-speed imaging combined with the optical access provided by a optical engine offer the ability to directly image and compare ignition and combustion phenomena of internal combustion engin…


life is too short to be wastelife is too short to make an enemy life too short to think about the past life is too short to sit around and doing nothing believe me, pals because I speak from the truth because I speak from the pain because I speak from the experience
I learnt my lesson enough for me not to waste my life anymore for me to easily forgive people's mistake  for me to beg for a forgiveness for me to let go the past for me to keep move on with life for me let the memory in heart not in mind
I may look cheerful to you I may look strong to you I may look optimist to you but what make who I am today you will wish not to have it
my dark and saddest past I will not regret it because all of those pain make the strong and the optimist me this is hurdle that I need to pass this is my journey I shall not regret what i had done with my life because the best lesson is from the bitter experience and once for all I believe that ALLAH would not test his servant beyond the limitation this lesson taught me  who real…


kali pertama  namanya menjadi halwa telinga terasa dekat dalam jiwa ingin tahu membuah rasa siapa tuan empunya nama
kali pertama  saat pintu itu dibuka sesosok tubuh tenang menyapa wajah manis menyapu mata dalam gelisah hari pertama bertukar senyuman menghilang gulana
kali pertama  hati tercuit seribu rasa dia bukan seperti biasa ada tenang dan kasih menghuni raga buat dia sungguh istimewa
nukilan ermahida